Pool Safety Pt. 1

Thankfully, the winter weather has finally subsided and pool season is upon us! Now that the time is approaching to open your backyard pool again it’s important to discuss pool safety. It’s very fitting that the month of May is also National Pool Safety Month. Here are some great ideas to help prepare you for a safe and happy pool season!

Did you know that all pools should be installed with the safety precautions already built-in? This includes in the actual pool itself as well as the perimeter surrounding the pool. We call this the ‘Layers of Protection.’ There are several layers or steps to ensure that your pool is safe for everyone using it.   Here are the layers you must consider when having your backyard pool built:

  • A pool fence surrounding the pool that does not allow for climbing. This fence should also include self closing gates for extra safety.
  • Your pool should also have an automatic pool cover or another safe and reliable cover to use when your pool is not being used.
  • Door or gate alarms that provide awareness when heading out to use the pool. This is especially important when small children have a tendency to want to open doors to the outside.
  • In pool alarms or possible wearable alarms when the proper supervision may not be on younger children and/or poor swimmers.

If you’re interested in an in-ground or above ground pool come visit us at Tredway Pools Plus!  We have everything you need in regards to pool safety as well as pool supplies and chemicals to ensure you have the best summer imaginable! Call us at (260-489-5596) or visit us at our two Fort Wayne locations or our new store *Glamour Pools in Warsaw! Don’t forget to find us on Facebook for our latest deals and steals!


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